Naledi Urban Hunter-Bar Run

This weekend hunters went through a BAR RUN that involved them going to 4 bars: Karambezi, Elements, Synergy and Gorge & Dragon.

This is what happened at Karambezi the first bar on the Run.

Teammates arrived at about 7:30 to find a tray of shooters awaiting them. Two players from each team got 3 shooters each and after drinking they could talk amongst themselves to guess the ingredients of the drink. The faces of the players were amazing as they swirled and sipped and digest.

This is what happened at Elements the second bar on the Run.

At this challenge there were 4 men and 1 woman, can you guess who won this challenge. The lady stole the show by a fraction of a minute. The speed of the teams was so that the camera could not catch a shot. Then came the determining of which beer was actually fully drank, this is where the win went to shall I say again THE LADY WINS!

This is what happened at Synergy the third bar on the Run.

Before the task began basic instructions were shown to the teams and a picture of what the end result should look like. Thisthen had teammates whispering strategy as to the best way toachieve the task. We gave them a spoon to help them, the back of a spoon helps the drink to flow more smoothly. Others did it their way at a slow easy pace and it was a strategy that paid for some. Each team got 2 tries to achieve this task. People crowded around each team as their turn came around and the thrill at achieving the shot was the highlight.

This is what happened at Gorge & Dragon the fourth bar on the Run.

On arrival the teams were shown to a bar with their own bartender. A list of drinks was presented as the ingredients for their shooter. The team had to design their own shooter with the help of the bartender and try selling it to at least 4 customers in the main bar. The winning team actually sold 8 shooters. This was a ladies game coz only they can flatter their eyelids and get the guys to buy, the skills of the ladies.


This weekend is the restaurant challenge! Are your taste buds up for the challenge?

TO ENTER, Hunters must register for FREE a group of 2 to 4 people to get their Naledi Urban Hunter ID cards emailed to them to print by:

1) Sending an email with your group’s contact information and individual pictures to then

2) Texting the word HUNT to 15678 (powered by SEMA standard sms rates will be charged for this text), TEXT updates will be sent to you for free thereafter.

If you have questions or would like to learn more please contact

For more information visit and official contest rules, visit

Not for persons under the age of 18.



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