Up and Close- Bestizo Models,Neema and Annie and how they help each other

These girls are some of the faces you never miss,in the Tanzanian Modeling Industry. Neema and Annie are best friends who uplift each other and work like managers for one another.
 Why did I write about these two? ....Well,for models in Tanzania who are either in Agencies or running solo...you need a fellow model partner. These two taught me the meaning of having such partnerships and friendship,for the development of your career...
 When Neema gets a modeling or Usher job somewhere,she makes sure her friend gets it too...and the vice versa. They are not only best friends, they are like twins who are joined to the hip and don't want to be separated.
 For the Industry like Tanzania's...this kind of friendship is very important...as many designers and Corporate individuals prefer working with faces they know....Working in pairs or forming alliances help much.
 Tanzanian models...... Choose those who compliments your modeling career and you are sure of learning and benefiting something from being associated with them...and join their circle....Not for gossips, partying and stuff...but for work.
You can learn from Neema and Annie....or even by looking closer at Brigitte and Jocelyn (Miss Tanzania 2012 and Miss East Africa 2012) friendship...Or rather....For those who follow Flaviana Matata on Instagram,you will be aware of her friendship with Ajak Deng (Sudanese Supermodel)....Observe and you will learn something.

I hope you get my point....

Missie Popular


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