Africa's Next Top Model Auditions-Underway

The first series of auditions for Africa's Next Top Model by Supermodel Oluchi,has started with Kenya, Ghana and Nigeria seeing the best being listed for the big dream.
During these auditions,selection of contestants will be made and these girls will stay camp in South Africa,undergo various activities to sharpen and showoff their modeling talents and potentials...and eliminations will take place until the winner remains standing :)
When asked why she chose South Africa for the production of the show,Oluchi responded, “We chose South Africa to host the competition because considering the African continent, South Africa is about the only country with a well-structured fashion industry and very busy one because almost every province holds its own Fashion Week” 
This means,other African countries will see their representation through the models, photographers and guest judges. Also,the contesting models will get a chance to travel to different countries like Egypt and New York for photoshoots etc,just like how we see on America's Next Top Model
Tanzania is on the list as one of the African destinations for the scouting....Aspiring models,a you ready?!

Good news,the Africa's Next Top Model team are looking for models of all sizes...only that you meet the height criteria (5"7feet)...and ofcause,you have unique beauty and brains :)). 

Will keep you all updated on the dates and venue for the Tanzanian auditions...

Missie Popular

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  1. can't wait....... please keep me posted missie popular