Ghana confirms they are ready to hold Miss World

“We have got summer all year round, a weather which many patrons of Miss World pay lots of money to travel to enjoy. We have got well-educated, highly trained work-force that are eager to be part of the business,” said Ms Elizabeth Ofosu,the Minister of Tourism in Ghana
Hello,Africa! Ghana is ready to host Miss World anytime in future and their Minister just confirmed with the Miss World committee!
“Ghana boasts of some of the best professionals in the creative arts business, from music to film, show production to graphic design and show hosting. We are also proud to let you know that Accra boasts of over 1000 rooms in 4-star rated hotels. We would be most delighted to host Miss World.”adds the Minister
Since MissWorld started in 1951, only Nigeria and South Africa are the African countries that have ever hosted the event...And now Ghana says,they are ready to do so.

What do you think,East Africa? Can we take on Miss Universe instead?!

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