Impressions from Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week 2013

The first ever Jakarta Islamic Fashion Week took place this July,2013 and saw both Muslim and non-Muslim designers creating various pieces for the modern Islamic woman and man. The collections which are taken as the Ramadhan collections,features modern cuts and both bold and dark colors...embroidered with various stones and jewelery...mostly ot of the traditional Islamic Abaya.
 The hijab is being omitted in many designs and replaced with head wraps

 Maxi skirts and blazers are taking over...leaving the woman well covered and yet,stylish.
 From Indonesian designers like Adjie Notonegoro, Stephanus Hamy, Denny Wirawan, Samuel Wattimena and Widhi Budimulia...the pieces were well received by the fashion lovers in Jakarta.

 Some designers decided to infuse the Asian cultural materials and details in their designs...
 While others mixed the Islamic designs with modern western details like that round elegant hat...
This is a special dedication to all Muslim fashion lovers who still like to adhere to the religious dressing code. Are you a modern Muslim dresser or a Traditional Abaya dresser? The choice is yours :)

Missie Popular


  1. Eeeeeek! Thank you so so much for sharing this! The designs are BEAUTIFUL :))

  2. Thanks for the nice pictures. I'm not completely sure this Muslim fashion would always be considered as 'halal' fashion, 'cause as designer Fatima Rafiy explains here, the dresses shouldn't be centered on the body, but still, nice stuff.

  3. Fantastic blog and Pics, I enjoyed reading some of your posts regarding Islamic fashion Clothing

  4. This is something that you just read and read. You just can’t get tired of it.
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