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You might recall back in August-September 2012 I posted about a movie that i was doing wardrobe management for...The Movie acted in both Tanzania and USA,with a range of the big names in the industry in Tanzania like Sauda Simba, Evans Bukuku, Muhogo Mchungu,Mzee Chilo etc...
This movie is a comedy that shows the life of an American Doctor who is auctioned to volunteer in a hospital in Tanzania...The hospital scenes were shot at Mwananyamala hospital and we had the chance to shoot even inside the operating room!
The experience was immerse! With a list of over 50 actors and actresses throughout the movie (main,supporting and extra) can imagine the chaos in dressing and styling everyone,one scene after the other.
Among others, we shot at the airport, Msasani fish market, Bagamoyo, at a night club,etc...
Once this movie comes out,you will be able to see something totally new from the Tanzanian actors and a mix with International actors from Kenya,USA, and Italy
You will witness a delivery of a baby...the beautiful sunset and the whole beauty of Tanzania, the chaos in Dar es Salaam (traffic jam, thieves etc) hell of  comic combo

We had so much fun shooting this movie...I guarantee you to enjoy the movie ones its out :)

Oooooh,how I wish for another major project like this ;))

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  1. Uwiiiii can't wait for it, honestly at first wen I hard of that project jst thought its gonna be like other bongo movies tuu, Bt now uwiii can't wait. Naomba iwe launched mcity na nisikose..