Throwback Thursday- Angela Damas,Miss Tanzania 2002

Born in Kiev-Ukraine in 1982,Angela Damas is one of the very few former Miss Tanzania beauties who managed to stay off the public eye and scandals. Born to a Tanzania father who brought her back home when she was still very young, Angela was crowned Miss Tanzania in 2012 and represented the country in the Miss World in London,UK.
Contrary to other Miss Tanzania beauties who usually join the entertainment industry especially fashion and modeling, Angela went off the grid and joined the UNDP where she works at the moment (at least,according to my recent updates)
So,besides work...what else does Angela do?...ask no more...If you are a fan of basketball,you might have heard of the B/Ball Kitaa movement in Dar es Salaam. I had the courtesy of attending one of the tournaments few weeks back and it was quite amazing! Back to the main point...I spotted Angela Damas as one of the players from the East Zone team!
 Wearing a Number 39 jersey, she showed off such talent and i was intrigued!
Can you spot number 39? ...Well,Angela Damas is also a great basketball player and if you see her lean body,maaaen!! Tanzanian models and beauty queens need an inspiration from her workouts!

Annnd...there you have it... the updates on our Tanzania's finest who chose to stay off the cameras and headlines. they are the former "something" who run their "present" as they please.

Missie Popular


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