Are you Considering an Outdoor Wedding?

Being different is what i refer to as personal style.Do you want your wedding to be different? Why not try an outdoor wedding with spectacular decor?! ...Here are some ideas inspired by Bella Naija Weddings

You get to have an intimate affair with close family members,friends etc...
A little space by the beach or on that green can make this work,anywhere!

And for those whose houses have enough grounds...why not have the wedding at home?
In our Tanzanian ways,I can understand why many people will be skeptical about this idea. After-all, one wedding has more than 200 guests!

Well,why don't you enjoy this experience instead of a church? Am sure even that Pastor can do with some fresh

For Muslims,its very easy to achieve this dream,since weddings take place at the bride's home :) ...

Be Inspired

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