Tanzanian Youth makes it to The Anzisha Prize List

The Anzisha Prize is the premier award for African entrepreneurs aged 15-22 who have developed and implemented innovative businesses or solutions that have a positive impact on their communities. Finalists will travel to South Africa for a weeklong entrepreneurial conference and stand to collectively win $75,000 in cash prizes, as well as access to lifelong mentorship that can be provided by Anzisha Prize’s vast network of individual partners, organizations, and youth leaders.

This year, Tanzania got a well representation of;
Domitila Silayo
Moshi, Tanzania
Female, 21
Industry: Consumer Products
Project Title: Jatropha Soap Production

Domitila Silayo is a
University student from Moshi, Tanzania where she is
working to empower her community and communities around
her. After visiting an agricultural festival, Domitila saw
a great potential in the jatropha plant for cosmetic and
medicinal uses. Then, she began to research how to produce
a soap made from the jatropha plant that could heal a
variety of skin problems including ringworm and dandruff.
Jatropha Soap Production has gone on to help thousands of
people in Tanzania fight off skin problems, while still
turning a healthy profit for Domitila and her team.
Furthermore, her venture is impactful to a handful of
employees who find solace and a healthy paycheck as a
result of Domitila’s project. Jatropha Soap is just the
first of many helpful products Domitila hopes to bring to
consumers to make their lives just a bit better each and
every day.

Domitila is among 12 Finalists in this year's prize,and stands a chance to win $75,000. In 2012...Tanzania was represented by the following;

1. David Mwendele , 22, founder of Let God Be You Foundation, an initiative that trains youth to launch their own ventures in book manufacturing, baking, and photography.
2. Faisal Burhan , 17, inventor extraordinaire, who designed and built a gas-producing bio-digester and also a microscope for his school’s science classes.

Way to go,Tanzanian youth! To read more about the Anzisha Prize,visit this website The Anzisha Prize

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