Towards Fashion Avenue 2014 Collection by Ally Rehmtullah

As we countdown the days until Fashion Avenue Collection Launch by Ally Rehmtullah...let's see his previous designs...
Among others..this ballerina dress was my favorite from the 2012 collection! Chic,playful and colorful... 
 In 2013...we went to the Enchanted Jungle and i gotta admit...we were in for a wild ride! Amazing pieces for various personalities...designed for that fashionable urban fashionista
 The mixture of colorful pieces and dark ones...long and mini was all on point...and the Launch itself..what an event!
 So...wondering what Ally Rehmtullah has in store for 2014 Collection? I don't know either :)) But we are going to find that out,come August we rock the Fashion Avenue!
Our eyes will be glued at you,Ally...So looking forward to this.

Missie Popular


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