Wakazi on the Making of his New Music Video

Webiro N. Wassira a.k.a Wakazi...is the name in everybody's lips in the music and entertainment industry,currently. It's not like he just started music,BIG no...Wakazi has been in the music industry since the late 1990's doing hip hop. He is among the Tanzanian diaspora who decided to return home and do his music,in a serious manner.
The majority of Tanzanians heard of Wakazi after his performance on the Big Brother House,this year.And what a performance it was! Well,at the moment,Wakazi is hitting the waves with his new number,TOUCH
The song is on point,the lyrics...OMG....and now as i look at the music video behind the scene images,I can only imagine how hot that video will be!

Big up to Wakazi and his management team,Cervon. We are anxiously waiting for this video and more from you and many other Tanzania talents.

Missie Popular

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  1. When will the video be released, cant wait to see it.