Winners of the Under 30 Youth Awards 2013

The first ever Under 30 Youth Awards took place this weekend in Dar es Salaam. With various categories like Innovation, Social Impact,Entrepreneurship,Fashion and are some of the winners and those who attended the event 

Adam Anthony took home the prestigious "Social Impact" award after an amazing job he is doing on environmental issues.

Other winners include Jokate Mwegelo (Fashion), Millard Ayo (Media), Michael Mbwambo (Entrepreneurship) Richard Kazimoto(Innovation), Ben Paul (Entertainment), Ainaso Joachim (Arts and Design)

The event was organized by Youth For Africa,under the leadership of Awadh Milasi.
This is a great start! Big up to all the winners and the nominated candidates...

A special kudos to Awadh and all the YOA members for starting this initiative...we hope to see more of the awards next year...additional categories,bigger event,more audience,and a much more impact.

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