Falling in Love-A Book by Seth de Jesus

Seth is a Tanzanian man who decided to share with YOU his various views on Love and Relationships...
I have my copy ....and reading page after page...its hard to put it down!
Where to get it? How much its going for?

Don't worry, the book is sold for 10,000 Tshs Only and is found Online through www.sethuniversity.com 

Get your copy today...Thank me Later :))

Missie Popular


  1. i am seeing correctly or that book is written in Swanglish? Who does that? He should have stuck to one language. Have you ever International authors mix languages in their books. No wonder Tanzanian literature will remain within its borders.

  2. Stop hating write yours in english an go sell it world wide......its his first book for god sake

    Great work Seth keep it up dont mind the haters


  3. so wat if its his first book? Thats y books are translated. He should have decided btw the two languages.