Kitenge Inspiration-What's Next?

Kitenge and Khanga are Tanzania's local materials that have been used for garments and as wrap-ups,for ages. They are that local to the extent that,wearing them as clothes became very old fashioned for the youth. But gladly,that notion is now changing...African prints (as called by the West) is now an IN thing for Tanzanian urban youth...both Males and Females.
The thing is...why wait until the West consider it a trend? Let's embrace our very own local materials for our fashion trends...Have you thought about wearing that Maasai Khaniki? not the red-checkered material used by Louis talking about the black,purple and dark blue materials worn by Maasai women as wraps...or the Gogo black khaniki...or any other local material we are ignoring...let's bring them back to life,shall we? Big Up to Tanzanian designer Gabriel Mollel for pushing the recognition of our local materials...we have noticed you!

Missie Popular

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