Me and Lucci Are not a Couple,says Jokate

After the release of their latest and first collabo,Jokate and Lucci became the talk of many in town. Maybe it is the best acting they did in that music video...or maybe they just look so good together that rumors started to circulate...Well,today Jokate decided to bury the rumor once and for all...And she did this through her Instagram Account...

There you have it...Jojo has her eyes on some other guy...and not Lucci. Keep chasing that mulla, is waaaaay cheap!

Instagram @MissiePopular

Missie Popular


  1. hahahaha!!It is ok to get frustrated by rumors but when you are a celebrity like need to learn how to communicate without taking away from your brand or hire a P.R specialist.

  2. That be a nice baby , Well said