People at NECHA's Collection Launch

Here are some of the invited guests at NECHA by Daniella Raymond,collection launch...
 The mother of such a talented young girl...Mama Daniella

 I liked that jumpsuit on her...beautiful!
 The great photographer,Osse Greca Sinare...once in a while,we capture him too...

 Bailey's was the sponsor of the event...That tasty Cream drink was flowing!
 Uuuumm..The Three musketeers

 The event was much fun..few minutes of the actual show and the rest was full of fun!

 Nice phone cover...

And here is Daniella Raymond posing with her guests who apparently were among the very first ones to arrive...I captured this image before she could go glam-up and get ready for her show :))

See you on the next event,peeps!

Missie Popular


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