Online Dating- Have You Ever?

Today..let's talk about Online Dating...I am sure many of us have tried either social media or dating websites in one point of our lives... Our new advertising partner is HUPONDO.COM which is an Online Dating Site for Tanzanians with Thousands of members! Hupendo is a place for people of all ages (above 18 of course) and both go and find love. Now,what are the great TIPS for a successful Online Dating?...
 1. PROFILE PICTURE; - Most women are looking for a mature dignified man. So a picture of you and your friends drinking Safari beer on top of your car may seem funny to you but there is a good chance most girls will exclude you from their on-line mailing list even before you are on.

- Women are in general smarter when choosing profile photos than men and are more attached to reality. The golden rule is: choose the best photo you have of yourself, for example taken before a party with makeup and nice clothes.
 2. PROFILE NAME; Your screen name will likely be the first thing a future partner sees when sifting through profiles, so make sure yours is simple and easy to remember (for example coco or brandy). Of course, this is not the time to become absurdly creative; calling yourself “Sexyblack” might be correct for a woman, but might attract the wrong male crowd.

3: DO NOT BE PICKY: Keep an open mind and do not, for example, disregard profiles without a picture. Your first priority should be finding someone with similar likes and interests. Once you introduce yourself, he/she will probably send you a photo anyway. But do not wait too long before asking; looks matter somewhat, and you do not want to find out at the last minute that you do not match.
4: DO NOT MENTION SEX: hahahaha..I know..I know... BUT ...Remember, the same rules apply when it is Online romance as in “real life”; Direct mentioning of sex is a huge turn-off for most normal people.For .. any profile with direct sexual content will be rejected from the website.

5: TAKE IT SLOW: The main thing to keep in mind is that an online relationship moves slower than conventional dating in Tanzania. Therefore, you may want to wait for a while before asking her/him out or accepting a date.

All of these TIPS are Sponsored by HUPENDO.COM ...Visit the website today and find your future love...

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