When M.P is at Work

Working as a blogger is so much fun and such a hard work too...you get to mingle with people of all social status...you get to learn various issues...you also learn how to take pictures while squatting,running around...or sometimes squeezed between people...At the end of the day...you get your story and all is well :))
The hard part comes when you have to do live reporting through social media like twitter and facebook...at first I used to do it all on my own..but now we have grown to include our very own social media handler...Lillian.
She is one amazing young lady!
The M.P team is growing.....
And I am glad to say,we are about to reach THREE YEARS Old!! Stay right here for more...especially our plans on celebrating the third year anniversary :))

Have a blessed Tuesday,y'all

Missie Popular


  1. Aww I have the most professional boss. Nobody does it like Missie Popular :)

  2. Anniversary celebration!!CAN'T WAIT

  3. JOyous...you got that right!!

    Francis...i see you made it to my blog...i hope next stop will be visiting Tanzania?!yes?heheheh