Blogger And Grow Tanzania Ambassador,Shamim,launches anOnlinecompetition for 5Million worth of Farming Implements

Grow is a campaign aimed at empowering female farmers in Tanzania by providing education and farming instruments where possible. It is a campaign ran by OXFAM Tanzania through different Ambassadors.
This Monday 4th,Nov,Shamim Mwasha who is one of the Grow Ambassadors and fellow Blogger,launched her part in the campaign,which involves an Online competition that will award the winner with Farming Implements worth 5Million Tanzanian Shillings!
What you are supposed to do is very simple...Have you ever helped your grand mother,your mother,sister,aunt or any female relative on their farming issues? Let's say,bought her farming instruments or seeds etc?
If the answer is YES..then here is what you need to do. Click on the link Grow Tanzania or on the GROW banner on the right side of this blog...and fill in the form.
Send your form and the process will start from there. CAUTION: Make sure you have evidence of what you are talking about...

Remember,the GROW banner on the right side of this blog has the link to the form you need in order to be part of this life changing opportunity... You might help your Mother,Aunt,Sister,Granny 5 Million worth of Farming needed implements to make her cherish you Forever!

Missie Popular