Christmas Holiday Movies to scout for

The Holiday season is almost here..and for some of us indoors people,movies form a big part of what we do throughout the holiday. If you are like me...this post will be of help...
Am sure you know Ice Age,...what about a Christmas feast of these great characters?!
If you love comedy,you must have heard of Madea...Tyler Perry brings Madea in a whole new level!
A Madea Christmas ....this is one movie to have in your holiday stock!
Last but not least....The Best Man Holiday...Ooooh my my! You remember The Best Man movie of 1999? imagine all these hotties ( and am only talking of Taye Diggs here )coming together again for another shot of crazy relationship dramas?! Its an epic movie to watch!

But again,the holiday season is yet to come...why don't we pass time with Johnny Depp in the Rango movie?! As Andrew Mahiga wrote in his Twitter Account " Rodents have never looked so cool" ...I concur!

Have a greeat one,my dear reader and movie junkie...

Missie Popular


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