Dating Tips from Hupendo.Com Dating Safety Tip 1:
Tell a friend or a family member about your date, so they can come and help you if something goes wrong.They need to know, where you meet, whom you meet and how you can get in contact easily. Dating Safety Tip 2:
Arrange your first dates with a person in public places with many people around. It is sweet of your date to invite you to his or her home. But wait with visiting each other privately. You will physically be more protected in busy, public places than if you go to an isolated place. Dating Safety Tip 3:
Wait a pretty long time before you share your personal information with any new date. If the person is bad, he or she can threaten you at your home or your childrens’ school. This is true both on and when you meet in a public place. If your date is a good person you can share the personal information later. Dating Safety Tip 4:
If you have children, don’t introduce them to your date in the beginning. They may be confused and even sad about it. Especially if you introduce them to different new men or women. It probably has been hard enough to your children, that you are not together with their mother or father. They don’t deserve to suffer like this again. So don’t introduce them before you have seen your date for some time and it feels like a serious relationship.
Now you know....have fun on your dating life...but be cautious

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