Tanzanians living in Russia show massive support to Miss Universe Tanzania

Watanzania mnaoishi Moscow,I salute you!! This has been one unbelievable and quite emotional experience to Miss Universe Tanzania 2013 in which she got to feel at home in Moscow,all thanks to the Tanzanians who showed up in abundance at the Finale in Crocus City Hall. 
 Not only did they show up to support her,they brought the Tanzanian flag and am sure if allowed,they would have carried the Vuvuzela too :)

 Tanzania has got such beauty jamani...daaaah! Sasa nyie wote si tuwapandishe kwenye jukwaa la Miss Universe!!?!
 Cameras everywhere...it was like Missie Popular had a crew in Moscow...lol

 Am sure even Maria Sarungi (Director of Miss Universe Tanzania) was amazed to have such a big team of supporters

Look at that!! 
The Hints...Mmetisha balaa!!

Big up to all of you fellow Tanzanians who showed up for the Miss Universe Finals...and for you who VOTED online for Betty,kudos to you too.

Special thanks to Ommie...you are something else! God bless you

Missie Popular