Zari "The Boss Lady"'s Beach Party in Dar es Salaam

It all started on Friday evening when Zari arrived in Dar es Salaam ...

 Picked up from the airport and the party started with P Square for both Friday and Saturday... And on Sunday,the beach party was ON!
 Judging from the Dar heat...I understand the joy in these kids after they entered into that pool...
 Ledger Plaza is one beautiful place,dayyyyyyum!!
 We had great food while lounging

 I hope you understand when i say...great food!
 And there came the all meant one thing,the party is about to take on a different gear!
 We all went closer to the stage,ready to be mind blown by the Ally Rehmtullah's show

 Zanzi was there that tasteful cream liqueur

 Ledger Plaza Management ...thank you guys for being such hospitable hosts...
 And here comes the Lady of the night....Zari "The Boss Lady"

 Shamim...Madini umeyaonaaaa?! heheheheh
 Meanwhile,our models were getting all glammed up by Rehema,the make-up artist

 After a remarkable show (which i will posts its pictures soon)...Zari gave a little thankful speech
 This woman is hoooot! Like really...when i grow up and have three kids,I would want my body to be like that or even more!
 And the guests agreed with me...picture moments with the boss lady

 Let's just say,she has a very kind heart ...
Aaaand...the interviews took over as the rest of the guests enjoyed great music by one hell of a DJ...

Much appreciation to all who showed up for the party...As the year come close to an end,stay right here for more updates on "What is Happening" and Where?...

Missie Popular