For Food Lovers- Lake Oil Indian Food Festival

Food is an integral part of the Indian culture and Indian subcontinent. Thanks to the multitude of its flavors and aroma, its popularity is quickly increasing, and with it the number of new Indian restaurants. And so a new project is born – the Indian Food Festival.

The Lake Gas Indian Food Festival gives you the unique opportunity to try delicious Indian dishes from various Indian Restaurant and Caterers, enjoy a special menu, compare dishes and discover new flavors!


Thus for the first time ever, The Lake Gas Indian Food Festival is aimed at promoting the tantalizing taste to the general Tanzanian Population. The variety range from array of kebabs, Tikkas, dossa, street food to various types of Biriani. Apart from the savory dishes, there shall be farsans, mithais,jalebi and all the sweet Indian delicacies.

"Lake gas is proud to associate as a title sponsor for the Indian Food festival.  Being one of the market leaders in the LPG in Tanzania, This event provides an ideal platform for our title sponsor 'Lake Gas' to address all LPG consumers on their channel networking and services" states Lake Gas Business Development Manager Numeir Khalid


The Indian Food festival will be held three times a year. There will not only be culinary delights but also various Kinds Games such as under 12 Chapati rolling competition.  There will be a minimal entrance of TZs 5,000 but children below ten years enter for free.


"The way to the heart is through the stomach,” Hamis K Omary, business development Manager for 361 Degrees stated that the festival is aimed to spur more friendship amongst Tanzanian admirers of India.


India’s unrivaled myriad cuisine reflects its rich and diverse culinary heritage. “It’s an expertise of striking the balance between form and function, between taste and nutritional value,” concludedOmary, guaranteeing that the dishes prepared for the Festival will tantalize local palate.


Lake Gas Indian food festival has been proudly sponsored by Lake Gas Ltd, Indian Culture centre, The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar, Queens Jewellers, The quick print shop, ultimate security, century cinemax, prime advertising, Eventlites, Michuzi blog, missiepopular and 361 degrees


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