Happy Hijab Day-February 1st

Today is World Hijab day...Am not sure why its a separate celebrated day but well,its here...

Have you ever tried a Hijab if you are not a Muslim? I know several friends of mine who wear Hijab more than my Muslim sisters...ooohhh well,more than me too!
A Hijab is a very respected type of dressing originating from the Arabic culture. However,there are other  places like Zanzibar were both Muslim and non-Muslims wear hijab on a day to day basis...This type of dressing has been modified in various ways over the years...and now,Many of Muslim young ladies avoid wearing the traditional hijab and rather long skirts with head scarfs...
Like what I do mostly...
So...get your hijab look trending today...its World Hijab Day :)) 

Asalaam Alaykum

Missie Popular

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  1. the whole point of hijab day is to bring awarness and educate ppl on why some women choose to cloth modestly and also hijab dosen't really originate in arabia because women have been dressing modestly in many places around the world hijab means dressing modestly by covering certain areas of the body.