Events this Weekend

The weekend is here!!! Yaaaaay!

Start your Friday with a great Marketing Event "Marketers' Night Out" at Serena Hotel.. a chance to brush those Sales and Marketing skills to perfection!
From there,Runway Lounge is the destination of choice...what with great music and themed parties they do nowadays!
  Saturday...the day starts with an amazing shopping at the Farmers' market,Oysterbay Shopping center. Did you know that the Hassan Maajar Trust will be there to sell cooking books? All collected money benefits our young ones who need desks in Tanzanian schools. It's Muungano Day, what better way of celebrating it than supporting the Tanzanian Farmers and Tanzanian products?
After that,Let's join Nafasi Art Space for some great art exhibition, performances and workshops.... 
Then come Sunday...this is always a Family Day for me...and thanks to Familia, it is going to stay that way as we attend the Dar tour of Familia Kitchen Party Gala. Diamond Jubilee from 12p.m,that's where every Dar es Salaam woman needs to be.
Tufundwe na Mama Victor, Aunt Sadaka na Kaka Chris... huku tukicheza mduara na Malkia Khadija Kopa, Serebuka na ku Sugua gaga na Shaa!

It's going to be one great weekend, Have a Fab one y'all

Missie Popular


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