Game of Thrones- The Ultimate Stylish TV Program?

Am fond of many TV programs but this one quench my style and costume thirst! For all who watch Game of Thrones, you know what am talking about. For the first time i must admit, the costume designer made me feel like them old days had a sense of style and amazing attention to details!
 When you look at the men who are mostly depicted as rough and covers just the necessary parts of their bodies, Game of Thrones adds another detail...look at those belts, the arm bands..the hair...
 Sir Baelish's well-fitting designs are just spectacular! All characters have a well defined sense of style that distinguish one from the other...classes well depicted,fashionwise.
 Need I say more?
 Even the dragons leaves you mesmerized!...and let me not start on the makeup used!
 Game of Thrones made sure we grasp every detail... like the Hand of the King brooch...
 If you have never watched Game of Thrones, forgive me for boring you with this.. but mostly, look it up!
If at first you don't understand it,wait until Tyrion Lannister shows up....Ooooh you will get hooked! This man who believes he is only guilty of being a dwarf, is one character that I adore in Game of Thrones.... his style is exquisite!

Am sure there is no need for me to say how much I like this program...  but I applaud more the work of Michele Clapton, the Costume Designer for Game of Thrones...

Missie Popular


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