The #TokomezaFistula Campaign

Fistula is a problem in Tanzania that can be avoided. There is a huge lack of education about the problem especially in rural Tanzania and this campaign by JP is just perfect! He shows how fistula is a problem and affects not only the women who suffer from the pain and shame BUT our whole community.

 Be it a child, an activist, a Doctor, a Mechanic, a Chipsi Mayai maker...etc

 We are all affected one way or the other. Thus, KINU hub will be hosting a session this Saturday in which we will discuss all issues Fistula. Come join January Makamba, CCBRT, Missie Popular and many others who will be there

 Just because fistula has not affected someone close to you, or yourself, it doesn't mean its none of your business...Together we can get rid of fistula in Tanzania

 To send the message to as many people as you can, POSE for a picture with your #TOKOMEZAFISTULA message and share with us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp...

Join JP and many others in the #TOKOMEZAFISTULA campaign,Today....

See you this Saturday from 9am, at KINU hub near Morocco bus stand

Missie Popular


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