We are Hooked with the Apple Watch!

Yes we can hear you iPhone lovers screaming at the top of your voices,after the intro of iPhone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus... Well,my eyes got stuck on these Apple watches! My oooh my! Apple really outdid themselves on this one!

Having used fashion gurus, music professors etc, the outcome is just worthwhile! The watches come in variety of colors, including an 18 carat gold number.
 The screen is made of sapphire glass while the wrists come in variety of rubber and luxury leather .
You can literally do more through this watch than with many smart phones! Imagine paying your bills using this piece,,,yes,Pay Pal app is included! You can take pictures, share them with your friends and family, send and receive emails etc,....

Am hooked! And how much do you think it goes for? Starting from USD 400 only

Missie Popular


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