Buzzing TV Series- Empire

Just like the frenzy over Scandal TV series took over last year, this time its all about Empire. This FOX aired TV series is about Music and the Entertainment industry in the US, focusing on the ultra diverse family of Lucious (played by Terrence Howard)
With one son suffering from Bipolar disorder, one who is gay and the youngest being swallowed into the hip hop lifestyle, Lucious puts all to test in order to find one who will take over the leadership of Empire, his entertainment company. This is critical since Lucious has been diagnosed with ALS, a disease with no cure
Just when things were heating up between the sons, their mother is released from jail. Cookie (her name, played by the amazing Taraji P. Henson), is another spicy mix in the family
In case you are not watching this series, I will vouch for it... Here is a little trailer to entice you

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