Nicki Minaj engaged,Kanye on Time Magazine,Peter Okoye has a Dance show!

Hello M.P readers....So,here is a lil something on whats News,out there. 
 Nicki Minaj is flaunting a $500,000 diamond ring shaped as a heart...she is engaged! Should we expect a barbie wedding soon? She says not so far away...
Kanye West is among the Top 100 most influential people in the world,yes tbat we know. But did you know that he tops that list,according to Time magazine?! Yes,he also aplears on the cover of this prestigious magazine,without Kim :)
In other News. . Peter Okoye of P Squate is going solo for his new project,Dance Nigeria. Judging from his dancing styles in all of P Square music videos,I cant wait to see this competition kicks off...

Ooops,Chris Brown has also shared intimate pictures of himself and his lovely daughter,Royalty...all that took place on Instagram  

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