Vanessa Mdee,Ali Kiba,Ben Pol and Fid Q to represent Tanzania at Coke Studio Season 3

Annnnddd our lil birdy has whispered this on our ear....
After a successful season two, Cocacola is bringing back its music TV Program Coke Studio, with these Tanzanian artists being the representatives for this year. Vanessa Mdee is back as she was also in Season two....
Ali Kiba who just debut his Chekecha Cheketua music video is a new addition to the Coke Studio list
Tanzania's R&B singer Ben Pol will also be there...while the Hi Hop genre is represented well by my fav rapper,Fid Q

The vocal trainings and other processes for the Season Three of Coke Studio have already started...

We are anxiously waiting to see the performances

Missie Popular


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