The Ego For Bentley Laptop- Fashionable tech of choice

There is nothing as annoying as traveling with a ProBook 4520"s as your carry-on on a flight while retaining your stylish self,especially if you are a fashion blogger! I love my laptop BUT...its just too big and so masculine! ...And the feeling deepens when you look at this beauty!
The Ego For Bentley collection of fashionable laptops and accessories is the best solution for stylish people especially those in my industry...
It comes in variety of colors and prints, and i just cant get enough of it!
Although am not a barbie kinda girl...this is cuuuuute!
Classics that serves all problems. This baby has a 2GB of RAM,which means the speed is AMAZING!....It has 160GB hard drive,12inch display...3 USB ports, and you can get at a $20,000 price...

I waaaant....anyone wants to give me an early Christmas gift?

For more info on Ego for Bentley, visit their site Ego

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