Baddie Winkkle, She is 86 BUT veeery Young at Heart!

I came across a post on this sensational woman and had to pay a visit to her Instagram Page...Myyy ohhh my! Her Bio is the first Warning, " Don't leave your boyfriend around me <3 Keeping it real since 1928" THAT is her bio!
 It comes as a no wonder,when the swimwear brand Dimepiece LA decided to work with her as a model....At 86, she is amazingly "living the life!"

More than her pictures,its the post captions that can make you laugh so hard!

She makes fun of the Orange is the new black...posts pictures of dollars as her tissue paper...
For example, the right picture was captioned "Wiping my teas away :):)"... Her choice of clothes and colors shows you exactly how young she is...
Modeling the swimwear....
And with this one, she declared ,"I'm a bad gal"

@baddiewinkkle is her Instagram so intrigued by her....

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