World Most Ridiculously Expensive Vodka

When they talk about "poppin' 'em bottles"...I guess this is what it should mean. Imagive a bottle of 70Ml of Vodka being sold for a whooping $1,000,000! Yes, that is the price for the baby below, called Diva
The strip in between is full of precious crystals and this Vodka has 40% Alcohol, created through a diamond-based purification procedure
The below goes an extra mile in terms of price...
Russo-Baltique Vodka is sold at an amazing $1,350,000! The company creating this is also the company that manufacture cars in Russia...The above case comes with bottle shaped as below, decorated in yellow and white gold
And the winner of World's Most Expensive Vodka is.......
The name speak for itself...Billionaire Vodka goes for $3,700,000 and it comes with over 3000 Diamonds!
From their website, this is how your billionaire bottle is delivered; "Each bottle of Billionaire Vodka is hand delivered to the location of your choice. The means by which the world's most desirable elixir will travel is entirely up to you. Your Billionaire Vodka purchase will be flown in via Billionaire Aviation or sail in via Billionaire Yachting and be chauffered in the remaining distance to the location of your choice and arrive via white gloved secure armed courier and hand delivered to you personally"

Plus,after purchasing this, you get the rare welcome to the Billionaire Club with your own customized membership card :))

Well,now you will think twice before posing with your drink and caption it #BillionaireLife #HighLife etc... Or maybe not, kuna kina Maskini Jeuri kama mie,kibaooo! lol

Missie Popular

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  1. I cannot believe these kind of very expensive vodkas exist. Thanks for sharing this post I now have the idea of what I shouldn't order on the club when partying. Having a diamond in your drink will sure cost a lot of money.