Where Are They Now? -Tanzania Designers

 The Asia Idarous fashion events always bring out a fair amount of new designer talents in Tanzania...and these ones showed up and disappeared
 We saw Rose Designs a few times after her first appearance but then,no show!
 Mtani Nyamakababi came into view with both African inspired men's wear and now we only see his work as a bespoke designer for weddings and events...no more fashion shows?
 Dominic is both a designer and an artist (painter/sketcher)... but where is he now as a fashion designer?
 Hameed Abdallah from Zanzibar is another designer we are keen to see again
 Edna is another designer we ask,where is she now?
 Farzah as well...she started really high and disappeared...
If you know their whereabouts and what they are up to now, let us know by commenting below...

Missie Popular


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