Happy Birthday Tanzanian Beauty Icon,Miriam Odemba

 If there are unsung heroes and heroines in Tanzania, then Miriam Odemba is one of them. This bombshell is the reason we have the likes of Millen Magese, Flaviana Matata, Nancy Sumari and many other Tanzanian beauties who shine in the International market.
 We grew up comparing Miss Tanzania winners to Miriam Odemba.... calling every beautiful black girl in our society, the new Miriam Odemba....if that does not make her an Icon, i don't know what does!
 Miriam Odemba is the ONLY Tanzanian beauty who embraces the Maasai style and promotes it as a Tanzanian beauty product...rather than what the world know as a Kenyan culture....
 Do you remember the "Odemba style" head wrap? Miriam Odemba brought that to our society in the 90's and it has been there ever since!
As she celebrates her birthday today...please join me to sing praises and shower her with wishes as she really IS the Tanzanian Beauty Icon...

Happy born day, Miriam Odemba

Missie Popular


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