Inside Yeezy's Season 3 Launch

 Kanye West launched his collection as well as his music album last night and the internet is talking! First he sent out his message through the Tee he wore last night,being a dedication to those dear to his family
 Thereafter,the whole Kardashian and Jenner family made an appearance, including the estranged Lamar Odom who just recovered from his near-death drug overdose
 The fashion and music icons were not left behind, as we see Anna Wintour made an appearance as well!
 So was bestie Jay Z....
 Madison Square was packed!
 And Naomi Campbell topped it off!
 Do I see 50 Cent and the POWER actor on the left corner?!
 Packed is an understatement...dayuuum!
 So,the collection was showcased
 No ripped stuff this time :)) but veeeeery hippie,if you ask me
 Need I say more?
 Looks like Kanye West decided to revisit history...this is so 1940's retro!

What's your take on the collection?

Missie Popular


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