People in Movements- Nancy Sumari,Maria Sarungi,Bonnah Kaluwa and more in a Week

 As the new era for Tanzania kicks off,lets take a look at the different faces in various movements this week. Segerea MP Bonnah Kaluwa is with Diwani Barua in a discussion with citizens
 Smart Code Founder and CEO Edwin Bruno at the tech conference M360Africa
 Activists Rebecca Gyumi and Maria Sarungi Tsehai at the official launch of NEXT GENERATION project by the UN...where Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz was named the ambassador
 In the US,Tanzania opposition leader Zitto Kabwe was in attendance of the Republican convention as invitee. Also invited is Zanzibar opposition leader,Maalim Seif (not in picture)
Fellow Global Shapers Lillian Secelela and Nancy Sumari at GSMA

What are you doing this week to impact your country?

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