Kidoti by Jokate Mwegelo,launches new Hair Product

We have either heard or used the "KIDOTI STYLE" phrase before,when talking about this hairstyle. Well, Jokate Mwegelo being the owner of the KIDOTI Brand and the lady behind this hairstyle, she decided to make it easier for all who love the kidoti style. Especially the likes of you and me whose hair needs extensions in order to fold at the top like that ;))

This hair styling product is in a form of a plaited hair clip which can be used by anyone, mostly for that quick fix
The plaits have been done through variety of hair extensions which give the user a range of choices in terms of colors
See what i mean?

WATCH the clip below to understand how to easily use this product...another one from #BeKidotified

To buy yours, visit all shops that sell the Kidoti hair. Soon it will be in all your favorite hair salons

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