Rotary Dar Marathon as we celebrate Mwl Nyerere I was part of the Rotary Dar Marathon in celebrations of the Mwl Nyerwre Day. My partner in crime,as always,was my bestie Mumina a.k.a Minah
 This is where we started off...
So, who did I meet?! Yes, its none other than Alphonce Simbu,the Tanzanian who made it to No 5 at the Rio Olympic marathon
After several minutes, a liter of sweat and a couple of burnt calories, we made it to the FINISH line
Happy happy Minah...only 5km but she was complaining the whole time i will sign her up for 9km :)
All in all,this was our highlight of the day...Thank you Alphonce, such a humble man!

Ooooh,and thank you Rotary Dar Club for the event...

Missie Popular


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