Sneak Peek into the Maridadi Fashion Night Out

 It was a beautiful  night! Fashionable people,great music and of course, that Saturday ambiance. I had a great company of Mr. Popular, Tima and Mwana Adadi gals and shared a million hugs with my long missed lavalava Ally Rehmtullah... :)
 The fashion shows were short and fun, crazy choreography like the below Bijoux Trendy show were SELFIES took over
 Our Missie Popular Model Christine taking a selfie with fellow model,on the runway...
 The legends took on the stage and it was liiiiit...great seeing these two still showing us how its done. Tausi Likokola and Daxx
 Did I mention that our gal was on fireee!!
Ooooh there were raffles as well, where people won lots of stuff,including this Tanzanite pair of earrings..imagine that,TANZANITE!! And i never win stuff during raffles,don't know why ;(

All in all, it was a great affair, a night of chilling out with friends while enjoying the great music from DJ FU

Thank you Lily!!

Missie Popular


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