Giving Is Fun Festival- Join GIFI this Saturday


Have FUN with us to help less privileged school children in villages to get proper school uniforms and school accessories.

Giving in Fun Initiative (GIFI) is an independent, not for profit, non- religious, non- governmental event organization based in Tanzania, committed to improve less privileged school children’s life style in Tanzania

GIVING IN FUN FESTIVAL:  is our annual charity event, whereby we connect locals and internationals to play, to eat, to give motivational speeches, to present music and to connect talent sharing, business, life story sharing and many more for fun for the benefit of a less privileged school child by providing them with a full package of a school uniform, which makes a child to love going to school and dream high of the career she/he wish to become in the future.

On 25th March 2017 we will be having two events to fundraise and collect used and new school items to help less privileged school children who live and study in a very interior village of Kibondo and Dar es salaam. These school children go to school bare foot, and without school uniforms; to own a book is a dream to them

(A) Afternoon – Leaders Club, from 8: 30am till 6 pm

We will be hosting an open day for everyone, for local and international individuals, and for business companies to present their business and sell their products for affordable prices to support our movement of changing less privileged school life style by providing children with school uniforms and school accessories.

If you have your used items which you don’t use them and you would like to give them away:  Think of us, we do have a solution for you to turn them into cash and help our children;  this is an open market place for you to turn your used items into a helpful movement..

Anyone who have used or new primary school uniforms/ items for the kids:  please do bring them along, we will be collecting them for the school children we are going to help in Kibondo..


We will be hosting a charity gala at night, whereby we are encouraging people to dress up like students again, to remember their school lifestyle, the ups and down they went through to their current success. We use this event to support the campaign of helping less privileged school children in villages to have a proper student look at school.

The night will be thrilled with local and international artists, food and drinks, red carpet and many more unique entertainments.

Tickets will be sold to fundraise at least 1000 pairs of school uniforms for three schools in rural areas in Tanzania.

 Tickets will be available for regular chairs at 10,000TSH, Regular VIP for 25,000 TSH, VIP* for 50,000TSH and complimentary table of 11 people for 500,000 TSH.


Sometimes GIVING is not a straight forward activity to everyone, at GIFI we love giving and our commitment to you is to go to places where you are needed. Send us your contribution and we will deliver your thoughts to those in need of your helping hand.
To insure that we give to the right children and that we do protect the rights of the people, especially those of kids, we prefer to invite everyone to join us on our giving trip, so that we can have FUN together and enjoy the giving together.
Everything collected during the campaign will provide a full package of school uniforms and school kits, accompanied by our giving trip to the schools which we are supporting this year.  We will be encouraging everyone who would like to join us on our GIVING TRIP to Kibondo district to witness where everything donated will be going.

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Lets support our young ones!

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