The Balenciaga Blanket Bag :)))

Ule usemi wa UCHUMI UMEUKALIA unazidi kujidhihirisha... The Balenciaga brand decided to rebrand the famous blanket bags, to create these 2000+ USD leather bags
 These printed textured-leather tote bags come in various floral colors, just as we have seen on those blanket bags
 See what I mean?...I swear we once bought the same designed blanket as this one! hahahahahha Kaaazi kwelikweli. To get this bag, you need at least 2000 US Dollars for the big ones while the small bags go for up to 3600 USD
Wameiona Fursa,wakaichangamkia.... We saw the SHANGAZI KAJA bag designs by Louis Vuitton, and now this...
That's fashion for you. Would you buy the bag,if money was not a problem for you?

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