Events Line Up this Weekend

How about starting the weekend off with great music at the Watering Hole this evening! Yes,its Happy Hour!
You can imagine how happy I am right now...knowing my favorite events are here! Yes, Velisa's will be happening this Saturday with DJ Neil Jackson! Great music and a chillout,that is what am talking about!
If that's not enough, Nyamachoma Festival in ON,this Saturday. Guess what?...The legendary MC Jay Moe is set to perform at the event,and I can't wait!

But before that, we start with FUKO FRIDAY at Leaders club,for that great Nyama choma lunch. Thanks to the crew for the invite.

Any other event happening out there this weekend? Tag me on your Instagram page @MissiePopular and I will add your event to this list. Naomba nisaidie kuSHARE.... :)

Missie Popular


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