Towards Groove Theory 2017- Let me take you back

 Rewind back to 2013, Velisa's Groove Theory session where Seko gave us quite a hip hop and crunk  session. It was a great day that was less sun and a bit cloudy, beautiful weather by the beach.
 As usual, I took my camera and graced the event. Fashion and personal styles that caught my eye where captured by my lenses

 Nobody was safe from my camera. I captured smiles, frowns, conversations and more

 The Tiger something something were serving drinks that day....from blue to red and gold....they served them all

 You got me...ooops!

 While others had a great time playing around...there were brotherly moments as well....

 Bata limekoleaaaaa....bata limekoleaaaa...eye candy everywhere... :)))

 Need I say more?

 Outfit-Check! Camera-Check! Shades-Check!
See you on Saturday!! Cheers to the great weekend

Enjoy responsibly :)

Missie Popular


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