Wedding Guest NOT Bride!! Dress Choices

So many weddings coming friends are getting hitched! Now, I have been having a hard time deciding what to wear...especially to the more glam weddings like the recent one for my friend and photographer,Mx... That prompted me to check out the various ideas...not only for me..but for you too :)
Mind you that,you will need to adhere to the suggested colors of the wedding
Long dresses look more elegant,especially if they are flowy and of sweet colors like baby pink, baby blue or mint
In case you have your Mr. accompanying you to the wedding try to arrange something for him that will not only make him look dashing,but also compliment your outfit. You are either smart or casual smart...
For expecting moms,get your groove on! fringe works perfect
My ultimate wedding guest in Tanzania is Elizabeth Michael a.k.a Lulu
Be it short or long...sassy or classy..she does it all

Sometimes she just takes it too really,who looks this beautiful at a wedding,and she is just a guest!!!?

Need I say more?
Looking forward to her wedding bells....

There you have it....

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