The Day I Fell in Love with Enjipai

It was January 2012 at Serena Hotel,Dar es Salaam. This day,I met the delicacy that is Enjipai, a jewelry brand by former Miss Tanzania, Nasreen Karim. I met this beauty and fell in love on the spot! 
 The color varieties, the designs and most of all,the mix of beads, metal and lots of other indigenous items caught me off-guard

 The brand was still innocent and naive...the way I like it! hahahahhaa

 Need I say more?

 The lady behind it didn't make it any easier for me...she paraded the stuff everywhere...I was hooked!
I had no chance...falling in love was inevitable.

Today,Enjipai is Tanzania's leading jewelry brand for Maasai inspired items, taking us all on a ride. It is no longer that innocent and naive babe,its now quite a name! Get your piece at their shop in Oysterbay

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