What is Your Morning Routine?

Of late,I have been developing a new Morning Routine as a Mother,Wife, Blogger and Civil Servant. Things have been getting hectic and I need a change y'all!!
Now,I am sooo NOT a morning person,so you can imagine how hard it is for me...waking up at 6am seems like a new development
The plan is to be able to work up at 5am, do my blog posts and plan the whole day before the rest of the house rise up....As they say, an early bird.....
This will also help me catch up with the so needed exercises (I have been super lazy,lately)....So a bit of a morning workout will do. Sasa,these are all great plans,its the implementation that is a challenge.
Tell me,do you have a morning routine? How is it like? How do you manage to keep it in line?

Help a sister out :)

Missie Popular


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