It's a Fashion Revolution!

This has been way overdue...Missie Popular has taken quite a leave of absence and its high time that she comes back,resume her duties to the Tanzanian Fashion industry and most of all, rebrand and regroup for a greater impact!

The looks have been achieved due to the amazing Styling work by Irfaan Rizwanali, Wardrobe by designer Jamillah Vera Swai, Accessories by Manyatta, Bags from Mama Africa,Makeup by the amazing Rahima of Simply Gorgeous....and Photography by Ally of AZH Photography.

Besides the fashion and beauty, Missie Popular has been putting more effort in educational projects in the entertainment industry and invites more artists,bloggers,fashion designers,actors, and everybody in the industry to partner and do more volunteer projects. Let's change Tanzania,outside the comfort of that keyboard/smartphone.

It's a Fashion Revolution,beyond Fashion.

Missie Popular


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